Media Services


Whether an event or project is informational, or about an experience, content rules the day. IPG gets it! We understand the importance and impact of media. IPG can help manage content that has already been created, or we can be the content creators. We can integrate custom graphics to match the branding of your event. We can also help develop the message of the event by shooting and editing content. Whatever your content needs, IPG Media is there for as much or as little as needed.


Videos are excellent way to effectively communicate a message. Videos can be inspirational, informative, and set the tone for an event. We get it. IPG Media works with our clients to determine the message and the desired impact of a video. We then script, plan, shoot, and edit the final product.

For live events, IPG can produce opening videos, testimonials, informative segments, review (or “Happy Face”) videos, and videos to reinforce the message or theme of an event.

IPG Media can also take video recorded at an event to assemble training videos, business development videos, and promotional videos for upcoming events.

Once videos are complete, IPG can encode and upload them to the internet as requested


IPG Media can create content to match the branding of an event. We can build templates for PowerPoint & Keynote, create title slides, lower third name graphics to be used with I-Mag, and more.