Lighting can vary dramatically based on what you are trying to accomplish. IPG can help walk you through the options. Need good lighting for video cameras? Need to make an impact with special effects lighting? Need some colored lights for drapery and scenic pieces? IPG has you covered.


Most events need a basic stage wash that is evenly lit from side to side and front to back of the stage. It’s also important to get lighting at an angle that is comfortable for people on stage. IPG has the equipment and the experience get your stage wash done right.


When doing an event that uses cameras for I-Mag, recording, or broadcast, it is important pay attention to color temperature, lighting intensity compared to background and scenic lighting, and to have hair lighting that visually separates people on stage from the background. IPG takes all these needs into consideration when doing lighting for video.


Effects Lighting adds impact to your event and helps create a memorable attendee experience. IPG had a large inventory of effects lighting including moving head intelligent lights, LED lighting, strobes and blinders, black lights, and more. And if we don’t have it, we know where to get it. We make sure to get you the best effects for your budget.

IPG also has a variety of lighting controllers for large, sophisticated lighting shows to small meetings with a few lights.


Lighting effects are even more dramatic with a little bit of fog or haze in a room by making beams of light become visible. IPG can easily add fog or haze to your event, and will also manage the logistics involved.

Using foggers and hazers must be coordinated in advance with a facility, including arranging for fire-marshal approval and fire detection suspension. IPG knows what it takes to make it all work.


IPG has a wide variety of options for lighting of scenic elements such as drapery, set pieces, columns and walls, and more. From lighting instruments with patterns and effects, to battery powered LED lights for those areas where it’s difficult to run cables, IPG has you covered.


Sometimes it’s necessary to light the audience area with something different than house lighting from a facility. IPG has the right solutions for lighting an audience area for cameras, walk in and walk out, effects, and more.


IPG provides option for lighting backstage areas and other out-of-the-way places to keep things as safe as possible.

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