Projection & Display

IPG can help you determine the appropriate size screens and projectors, or LED Screens for your event. Factors such as what is being displayed, how far the audience is seated from the screen, ceiling height, ambient light, and room layout are all considered. Often times, more than one thing needs to be displayed at a time. IPG can supply multiple screens so that a Presenter AND their PowerPoint presentation can both be seen at the same time.


Video Mapping is the art of putting imagery onto surfaces other than screens. Mapping can be projected onto surfaces of just about any size and shape, or can be built using LED elements ranging from tiles to strips. Mapping can be used to create lighting and scenic effects, or to display custom content.

There are always two components to video mapping: Content and Display. IPG can provide both to give your event an experience that everyone will remember.


Multiple projected images can be blended together to create a much larger image. Layers of video effects can also be added, such as picture in picture, title graphics, logos, and more.

A single image can also be spread out over multiple displays configured in a variety of patterns.

IPG has all the capabilities for blended image & multi-screen display.


People on stage and behind the stage also need to be able to see video sources. Presenters on stage benefit from Down Stage Monitors (DSMs) that can display their presentation so that they don't have to turn and look at the main screens. DSMs can be switched separately from the main screens and can also display countdown clocks and other content. Large Flat Panels Displays can be setup in backstage and greenroom areas to show program content.


IPG can provide camera mounted and executive style teleprompting systems including all the computer and software required to run them. IPG also provides qualified operators who can run scripts in rhythm with a presenter, and make changes quickly.


IPG has a variety of solutions for keeping your presenters and sessions on time ranging from a large countdown clock placed in front of the stage, to small clocks with colored warning lights placed on a podium.

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