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Media Services

We help you create content to improve your customers’ online experience

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let’s get personal

How do your customers feel about their online experience?

Is your website easily searchable, easy to read and easy to use? Is it responsive and mobile friendly?

IPG will work with you to create elements that help customers relate to you and your business.

  • Take fresh headshots

  • Create personalized welcome videos

  • Send timely video emails

  • Build your business profile video

  • Promote an upcoming event

We will evaluate your current website and make initial suggestions for free. Get started with your online media makeover by clicking the form button or calling (720) 510- 3716.


Production value

Need media produced from scratch? Start here. We shoot, edit and deliver commercials, promotional videos, podcasts, event highlights, ENG and presentation content for web, broadcast and live events. We also offer packages to enhance your live event with onsite interviews, drone footage, candid & behind the scenes video which can all be edited into a highlight for playback during the event.


ENG (Electronic News Gathering)

Enhance your event with a production on site to recap and promote the experience.  Showcase every aspect with interviews,  mobile cameras & audio, drone coverage and time lapse. Your footage can be edited into a "highlight" to be shown at the event or used to produce promotional material for broadcast and web.

Studio Production

Film commercials, training videos, podcasts, webcasts or interviews on a customized set or sound stage. Stream live on set or go straight into editing to produce the final product.

Post Production

Use media you already have to edit a specific narrative. Produce commercials, political ads, promotional material for web, broadcast or for playback during your live event.

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