Meeting & Event Planners


You’re a meeting planner tasked with arranging audio visual for an event in addition to everything else a meeting planner is required to do. Who has time to keep up with audio, video, and lighting technology and trends and to make the right choices? IPG does!

We understand that meeting planners have a lot more on their plate than figuring our audio visual. At IPG, we’re not your vendor, we’re your team! We take care of the AV production so that you take care of everything else. Here’s what we promise to do:

1 - Get to know the goals and priorities for your event. Every event has a purpose. At IPG, we strive to help you achieve the goals of the event.

2 – Determine the best solutions with budget in mind. Every event has a budget. We get it. We’ll work with you to get the best bang for the buck. Good planning and execution, along with the right crew and appropriate equipment, can be worked into most budgets.

3 – Manage the AV Logistics. Every event needs a plan. We work with our clients to provide solutions for presenters, performers, creative teams, and other involved with the event. IPG also works with facilities, third-party vendors, and local labor such as unions and labor groups.

4 – Understand the environment. Every event has a tone. Whether you are a planner for a faith based group, corporation, or special event, IPG will provide friendly, experienced staff that will fit well in your situation. At IPG, we value relationships. So, we strive to work with everyone involved with the event, including venues and other vendors, in a positive and professional manner.

5 - Care about your event! Every event deserves to succeed. At IPG we believe that the success of your event is also our success. We work diligently to make sure you have a great event.

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You’ve made promises to your client to produce a superb event. Now, you need a competent support team to help you back you up. IPG gets it! Here’s what we promise to do:

1 – Listen. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. We take the time to understand what the end-result needs to be.

2 – Ask lots of questions. At IPG, we work hard to be an extension of your team. We understand that you need a team to help think things through and make sure nothing gets missed.

3 – Provide options and anticipate needs. We understand that there are many things to consider, such as budget, logistics, timing, and so on. IPG will work hard to come up with the best solutions for you.

4 – Provide experienced, friendly, and competent staff. Our team understands technology. But, more importantly, they understand the production environment and the logistics and people involved. At IPG, we value relationships. So, we strive to work with venues and vendors in a positive and professional manner.

5 – See things through. Even the best made plans can change quickly. We know that situations change, problems arise, and things happen. IPG promises to be part of the solutions. We will do everything we can to overcome obstacles and fix problems quickly.

6 – Make you look good. Since we consider ourselves to be part of your team, we truly believe that your success is our success.

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Media Planners

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Media can be a PowerPoint Presentation, to full-blown video production that is live-streamed to the internet. We get it! Events are more than just sound, lights, and video. IPG can integrate with creative teams, and we can BE your creative team. IPG Can:

Shoot and Edit Videos and create custom content for your event

Create content for events such as lower-third graphics and title slides

Custom switch live event feeds for streaming over the internet.




AV is a fast moving and ever-changing environment. You’re an AV company or Producer trying to take care of your clients and sometimes need a little help. We get it! We’ll do what we can to help you support your clients as seamlessly as possible.

IPG can work with other businesses with a reciprocating relationship. If you’re a company that provides similar equipment and support, we’ll figure out a mutually beneficial arrangement with discounts and terms.

IPG will also work with high-volume clients and create discounts and incentives based on how much you rent.

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Schools & Theaters

You’re a school or a theater company putting on a show. Sometimes you need to supplement your technology. We get it. IPG has a wide variety of equipment from basics to the latest technology. We also understand that you may not know all the latest and greatest. We’ll work with you to find the right gear at the right price to support your show.

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